The Creators Return

Chapter Zero

The Guilded Sword has been known through out the area as an effective group known to get the job done no matter what. Business has been kind to them as the winter is setting in; One Cold evening in the Inn, the company is taking care of fiscal issues when there is a new fellow to seek aid in Lucidcreek.

The Rogue walk in and closes the door, looking around he notices the Innkeeper. Walking up to the desk inquires “What’s the going rate?”

The Innkeeper looks the gentleman down and ask “That’s all going to depend on what your looking for sonny.” He looks the rogue down and takes notice to what weapons he has on him and how to depose of him if he should so become one.

Thinking of what he needs to do to keep the heat off of him. “Sir, My name is Finius, Finius Waxmelt. I mean no harm to you nor your Inn, I just wish simple lodging for the night and aid in finding The Guilded Sword.”

The Innkeeper, with a settling ease, looks Finius in the eyes and says “The rate is ten a night. If you want to speak with The Guilded Sword, I suggest you enter the common quarters before heading up to your own room.” Finius drops hundred on the deak and picks up his key, “that should hold me over for a bit encase I order anything.” And walks into the commons.

The common quarters, or the commons as the sign above the door way labels it, is a large room with dinning tables around the room and a bar at the far end next to a fire place. There are a couple of arm chairs and rug on the floor. The walls are covered with images of the area and a book case with history about the area and the Inn. The room is well kept and the noise is at soft rumble at best. At the bar sits a female drow, going over some paperwork and enjoying a plate of spiced fruit. Not too far he position at the bar is a sign stating that there are opening in The Guilded Sword. With a small addition to it on the bottom, Must be able to stand their ground even if frighten. No Cowards.

Finius walks up to the bar and takes a seat not to far from the drow. Behind here is a man with his feet up at a table and his hat over his eyes. Calling for the bartender, he notices that the barkeep is a gnome who uses a step running the length of the bar on the other end to be able to serve the larger patrons. “How much would a man have to pay around these parts to get some protection?”

The Barkeep continues his cleaning, with out looking up, nods his head toward the sign and states “Depending on how long you need the protection, I would suggest taking a look at the employment offer.”

”We may also need to know what you need protection from?” commented the drow, stoic in her seat, her eyes never leaving the rogue as one could almost see the wheels turning in her head. “I’m not always a fan of surprises” she smirks.

Finius blurts out “Long story short, Its going to be a surprise to both of us. What I do know is that it is something. Mayne many somethings. Possibly one large multiheaded, fire breathing something or other. All I do know is that its going to happen soon and when it does I am going to be ready for it. Or else something very bad is going to go down in Lucidcreek.”

The drow could only nod as she murmured something under her breath. There was a glint of something in her eye. it wasn’t fear, but something else, the look someone gets when they know an opportunity is before them. “So, we’ll need provisions and supplies… because obviously we have no idea how long we’ll be going out. I’m Finvarrah, Head of The Guilded Sword” She faded out, talking to herself as she made the plans in her head, also racking up how much they’d have to spend before they’d be ready for something of this scale.

Her Thoughts are interrupted as the wind blows into the Inn and the last member of The Guilded Sword walks threw the door. She’s only know as the bladed top when rumored about. The inn customers take notice for only a moment, look cautiously over to her before returning to their personal affairs shaking off the dread that she casts to those around her. She Sits at the table where the man is resting and sets down a few packages. Finvarrah moves from the bar to the table inviting the Finius to join her. Moving her paperwork first, the rogue swipes and apple and pockets it before she looks back to grab her drink and food.

The sunset is in view from the window and the evening is quite chilling. It’s the coldest part day and soon the snow will be falling hard once again as the storm moves into lucidcreek and the pass.

The innkeeper comes to stoke the fire and add more wood. “I hope this gentlemen will be staying the night.” glancing over at Finius before giving his attention to the table. “and your living quarters have been made up for the evening when ever you wish to retire.” The fire glows as if it’s a forge, heating the inn and lighting the commons. Satisfied with his work, the inn keeper moves back to his desk.

“o Three for one deal I see. Well get your supplies in order and I would like a receipt copy. Also if any of you know the route to Crystalmoor, it would greatly beat fumbling across the country side. If there’s anything else you’ll require, I will be in my room.”

As The rogue leaves the room, Finvarrah mutters “Rogues… For now I’ll let him think he got away with taking the apple. I don’t enjoy them much, but taking with out asking, he’s going to pay for that so ten extra for food sounds fair.”

Over time the commons empty till The Guilded Sword is all the remain. Sitting near the fire the three go over what they are going to need for the job at hand and their mail.

The wind blows against the door with force as the storm is now overhead. The innkeeper looks out from his desk “It’s going to be a cold one again, better make sure the fires are going. Since it’s after hours I leave the lower floor to you guys till I return.” Marching off to ensure the heating of the inn is properly stoked with a jesture of thanks.

The mail consists of a few items. A couple payments, one is a local bank note, the other is food from the local farms for there aid in the removal of a goblin from under the waterway bridge. One of the letters is a bill for Emon on his new golden kazoo bow attachment. The last item is a letter requesting aid from the local Arcane Museum.

To The Guilded Sword,

I’m contacting you in hope that you can help clean out the tower. It’s unused except for storage and it was once used as a living quarter for the curator. As of late, a band of kobolts have found there way in and gone mad. There are of course other problems with spiders and pets that have gone a rye since it’s us as a lab for an historic arcane guild. The pay would be what you find accommodating once you’ve finished. If you’re interested I’ll be waiting for your arrival.

Museum Caretaker.

After sometime, the innkeeper returns and the party retires to their room. Upon there arrival they notice the room across the hall has been broken into. They decide to ignore it and continue business in the comfort of there common room in the knowledge that it’s the Finius’ room and he probably did it himself as a trap.


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