The Creators Return

Finvarrah's first run


You know, I think this is going to go well, except it turns out my campaign members are rather greedy while they should be more worried about getting KILLED! but I shall start from the beginning.

When the rogue showed up I knew he’d be trouble, but because of pressure from the others and because there really wasn’t any apparent problem with him, I took him on. He seems to like taking the lead anyway, that shall be his undoing one day, so I needn’t worry too much longer, so long as he didn’t step on her toes again.

We received word early of a problem in the tower of the old museum. and arrived quickly enough to assess the situation. The garden, tall with hedges and plants held no adversaries, nor the first floor where the rogue beat me to the door. I’m so glad people know who the leader of the guilded sword actually is, and I was able to put the old man’s spirit at ease as I announced who we were and our reason for coming. Quickly letting us in with a word of warning I let the others steal my attentions away from the artifacts on the tables (which could have proven useful later) as Azm locked us upstairs with the beasts.

storage storage and more. Nothing useful except a little gold statue and some food (Which proved the rogue at least slightly useful to us) It was snatched up before I could get to it, but that isn’t the last I’ll see of it, I know it, especially because no one knows the old books in the library better than me, who else could decipher the old runes and solve the puzzle?

upon arrival into the caretaker’s bedroom we looted a few gold and a potion kit was found, it would become useful in the future.

At the first stairwell we found a dead cobalt had sprung a trap. It had been electrocuted and was freshly dead. It was probably a trap set up to keep the damn rodents out of the caretaker’s quarters. It obviously either had no knowledge of swordplay or was just too stupid to use it because the thing on it’s hip was practically rusted into it’s sheath. I wondered if there were more traps along the hall so the body was tossed up the remaining flight of steps while the others bickered about carrying Azm’s burning bed up the steps to bash in the door. Finding no traps, and being speckled with some cobalt blood I let the rogue lead a silent party up the steps to take the lot by surprise!

The first strike was uneventful, only minor woulds that were quickly healed were taken as we slaughtered a dozen or more of those worms. What interests me though is the symbol on the ground and how we activate it, because it will be much faster getting out of here when we know how to use the magic inside. I will turn my attentions to it as soon as I loot the bodies of the maggots who had been working at it before we arrived, to see if I can find anything useful on them.


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