The Creators Return


Today is the first time in a while that I’ve ate anything. I have missed the taste of food, Yet other than giving my a warm memory of time past, it serves no purpose now. Oh how I wish History would go away. Alas events are beginning to put things in motion that I personally stopped with my brethren. Out of all of us, Only I have been able to last all these years. Maybe it was the execution of my friends, or the drive to always be able to defend against what “they” can do. Whatever led me down the path of darker magic, it has ensured there was a record of time before life was free to grow as it does now.

The Seal on gate is weakening and all I can do is seal them in a plane without time. This will be my last stand, as it will hold them for now.

I digress; It’s time that another group of hero’s protect life as it is now. Failure is not an option, for if they do, life will fall back into their hands. I look out this window and see people pray to their gods. Sadly they too were once slaves to these things, much like myself, we fought back and in there attempt to wipe us out they sealed themselves off in a plane of darkness by mistake. We thought it would last for eternity, how foolish could we have been. The town of Lucidcreek is our last hope to fin….

The Seal has broken! Go while I seal us off, you have little time to ensure they do not conquer existence again. Take my Phylax. as long as you have it I can aid you and them when needed.

Once again I’ll be seen as a god but that is no matter now. it’s the only way life can endure. I hate simple people but it just might be these simple people that save us all…


Voldwrath87 Voldwrath87

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