The Creators Return

Tower of Winter

Once again trudging into yet another strange tower of what seems to feel like Neverwinter, we came across hounds, ice elementals, and low and behold the spirit of Winter itself! accompanied my the slave daughter of the boss aka spear chucker, the ever confused changling vampire, Ludovi, the silent monk whom I still believed bit his own tongue off, Merdok, and the moving monolith Ester, why it and Spear Chucker keep mooing is beyond me… but between those two alone this party can converse with just about anything which makes our jobs much easier when it comes to information… alas we came to rescue our bowmen…who even though we’ve worked together for over 2 years I still have no clue what his name is! hahaha, well that’s me and my terrible memory for names for ya… Back to the Tower, after practically dying from the Elementals and watching Merdok, and Ester just destroy them, the plan would have worked better if we had lured everything into the warm room we were in, and watching a spinning wall almost kill two comrades, I did get a good chuckle out of it, we reached the top of the tower. Wind blowing and the flurry of snow emitting from a beautiful gem I knew it must be mine, even if I had to destroy it, but unknowing to us the gem summoned the Spirit of Winter. Having my arse saved by Ester as terrified as I was, was unexpected and greatly appreciated because it helped earn us the victory, since nobody could hit ranged worth a damn, it was up to me to attack it, while everyone attacked and defeated Winter, it was up to me to destroy that which I wanted most… After watching my gem shatter to dust the wind submitted, the clouds cleared and the snow stopped. We retrieved our ally and rushed as quickly as we could back to town to get him and Merdok much needed medical attention. Elementals can be such gruesome killing machines. Alas when we returned to town I quickly returned the gem to the Sage and we completed the mission… now onto bigger things, no more Kobolds nor 3 headed fire breathing dragons of death, nor ice Elementals, onto the main event to the North. Dear Traveler watch over us…


Voldwrath87 Ike_likes_to_eat

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